Why Fuji EnviroMAX?

Cost, performance and our eco-friendly attributes are what make Fuji EnviroMAX products stand out in the market.


Fuji EnviroMAX’s performance is second to none, and a major independent testing laboratory report backs this statement up. Our batteries meet or exceed other major battery brands in performance, and our flashlights share a mission to make energy-inefficient lighting obsolete – read more on that here.


Because of our durable sealing agent technology, our batteries have a up to a 10-year shelf life, some of the longest in the industry. We also benefit from a superb discharge curve keeping consistent flow of power throughout the life of the battery, and anti-leak design to protect your devices from damage.


It is no longer acceptable to consumers to be asked to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products. With Fuji EnviroMAX batteries, consumers are provided with excellent performance standards, superb value for money and benefits to the environment.

Our environmentally-friendly highlights are:

  • Our batteries are designed to be fully environmentally friendly
  • Our batteries contain no harmful mercury, lead, PVC or cadmium
  • PET is used in the battery jacket and packaging – meaning no harmful plastics to linger in the environment
  • Batteries are landfill-safe and break down naturally
  • Durable sealing agent to prevent leakage
  • Our batteries and packaging use over 95% recycled paper & plastics


Our manufacturing processes work to and have qualified for the following accreditations:

  • ISO 14001 to certify that all standards of the Environment Management System have been met
  • ISO 9002 – the highest quality assurance certificate available for an organisation’s manufacturing processes and product testing
  • Bureau Veritas approved
  • Exceeds ANSI requirements – the recognised standard for the industry
  • Fuji EnviroMAX batteries were also the first to introduce a 100% mercury-free and cadmium-free formula
  • No ozone-depleting compounds used in production

Products built around your needs

We offer a selection of alkaline, digital alkaline, heavy duty and rechargeable batteries in sizes AA, AAA, C, D & 9V as well as a range of 8 quality flashlights designed for all kinds of tough environments.

We’ve produced guides into which battery offers best value for money based on your requirements, and the same for flashlights. You can always give

You can view the guides here:

Awards & recognition

IAW Product of the Show

Since bringing our products to the UK in mid-2017, we have received recognition from among 330 exhibitors and over 1,000 products as one of the products of the show nominations. You can read more about this on the event website via this link

BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2017

We were also very proud to have been shortlisted for the ‘Breakthrough of the Year‘ category in the prestigious BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2017. The criteria for selection were as follows:

  • Innovation: The technology must offer a unique and innovative solution to an environmental challenge.
  • Scalability: The technology must have the potential to reach a significant market.
  • Demonstrable success: The technology must be able to demonstrate quantifiable benefits.

Community & thought leadership

Free batteries for life competition

In December 2017, Diane Bass from Essex was the lucky winner of our online competition to win free batteries for her family for life. You can read more about the competition via this link: https://fujienviromax.co.uk/free-batteries-competition-winner

Thought leadership

We are also championing the cause of eco-friendly batteries and for reducing plastics in our oceans. Read our blog for the latest opinion pieces on these topics – https://fujienviromax.co.uk/blog.

We also support and work with a range of organisations that share these common goals such as WEEE Directive Ireland, Earth Trust and various plastic reduction organisations.