Fuji EnviroMAX Super Digital Alkaline AAA Pack of 4


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AAA Size Digital Alkaline Battery

• 1.5 Volts
• Date Coded Packaging
• Available Bulk Packages
AA Fuji Digital Alkaline Batteries are eco-respectful from the way they are made to even their packaging. They are Mercury, Cadmium, and PVC free, and even the paper and plastic they’re packaged with is recycled. Our AA Digital Alkaline Batteries have a 1.5 volt, and are ideal for the use of digital cameras, hand-held games, CD players, MP3 players, PDAs, headphones, remotes, and much more.

• Quality – Meets or exceeds major brands in performance
• Only batteries that are designed to be 100% environment friendly.
• Maximum Power- Minimum impact!
• PET is used in the battery jacket and package. No harmful PVC
• Batteries are landfill safe and will breakdown naturally.
• Strongest Anti-Leak protection in the industry.
• 10 year shelf life
• Longest lasting battery available
• Environmentally safe
• Releases NO Ozone Depleting Compounds into the atmosphere
• Uses Over 95% Recycled paper and plastic.

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