Cost, performance and our eco-friendly

attributes are what make Fuji EnviroMAX batteries stand out in the market.

Having achieved over $100 million sales in the US, Canada and Australia in stores such as Walmart and Walgreens as well as a wide variety of other retailers, wholesalers and distributors, Fuji EnviroMAX are now launching our products to European trade partners.

Here’s just a few reasons to sell Fuji EnviroMAX batteries:

Full range: We have AA, AAA, C, D & 9V batteries in digital, alkaline, heavy duty and rechargeable to suit all requirements and budgets. It’s also not just batteries that make the Fuji EnviroMAX brand what it is; we also have a range of flashlights and other eco-friendly products that can enrich your margins.

Performance: Fuji EnviroMAX’s performance is second to none, and a major independent testing laboratory report backs this statement up. Our batteries meet or exceed the market leaders in performance.

Quality: Our batteries have a 7-10 year shelf life, one of the longest in the industry. We also benefit from a superb discharge curve keeping consistent flow of power throughout the life of the battery, as well as industry-leading anti-leak protection.

Eco-friendly: It is no longer acceptable to consumers to be asked to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products. With Fuji EnviroMAX alkaline batteries, consumers are provided the best in class at a “cost” that is 30% to 40% below other market leaders – associate your business with our eco-friendly brand. Our environmentally-friendly highlights are:

  • The only batteries that are designed to be fully environmentally friendly
  • PET is used in the battery jacket and packaging – no harmful PVC
  • Batteries are landfill-safe and break down naturally
  • Use over 95% recycled paper & plastic – even more crucial given the current focus on plastic waste

Business & commercials:

In addition to all this, we also offer competitive commercial terms for our wholesale and retail partners, as well as European-based marketing, sales and logistical support. We also have an aggressive strategy to build consumer demand, with a range of events, advertisements and online campaigns to this end.

We make it really easy to work with us – from our online trade account form to free shipping within the UK, and no minimum order value, there are no barriers to working with Fuji EnviroMAX.

Please use our simple online form to open a trade account with us. Alternatively give us a call at any time on +44(0)2074772180 or email and we can give you a call back.

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