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Its just a battery, right? Is it really that important to read an article about it?
The answer is YES.

It is not just a battery. We use it everyday. It is part of our lifestyle.
Remote controls, toys, flashlights, I could go on.
The big question is? Are you using the right batteries?
As we all know, Global Warming, is real. There is no way getting around it.

Our products are not only environmental friendly, but our packaging is recyclable.
Containing no harmful mercury, cadmium and lead.
Our batteries are made of 95% recycled paper and plastic.
What does this mean to our environment? When our batteries go through the recycling process, the presence of Ozone Depleting Compounds released into the atmosphere will be non existent .


Fuji ElviroMax has the strongest anti-leak protection in the industry. We strive to give our clients not only the best product, but an affordable product too. Fuji EviroMAX is the longest lasting battery on the market.
With a shelf life of io years.


How can you compete with that?
We offer a wide variety of batteries to our consumers. From Super Digital Alkaline, Super Alkaline, Extra Heavy Duty to Rechargeable batteries.

Help us save the planet one battery at a time.


Until next week Bianca




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