Flashlights are like sweets – how do you choose? Leave a comment

So you’ve decided you need a new flashlight but as with a lot of products there are thousands to choose from and lots of different price points, so actually choosing one can be trickier than it should be!

So because we’re nice we’ve put together a quick guide as to what you might want to look for and take into account when you’re making your choice of flashlight. Here’s a few things to bear in mind.

What do you need the flashlight for?

Flashlights are like sweets – they come in all shapes and sizes – and different levels of quality! So the first thing to consider are the main things you’ll be using it for. Is it for camping? To be carried in the car in case of emergencies? To keep at home in case of power cuts? How portable do you need it to be? Will you be holding it or carrying it, or will it be mostly standing alone?

What’s your budget?

As with most things, there are a range of options and price brackets of flashlights depending on your requirements.

How far do you need to be able to see?

Look for the brightness for your flashlight – it’s measured in lumens. In simple terms, the further you need to be able to see, the more lumens you need!

You’ll also want to bear in mind that most cheaper lights have multiple LEDs but are still not very bright and often do not give a crisp, focused beam. In short, just because a flashlight has more LEDs it does not make it brighter.

Is it well built?

Good flashlights have good soldering, slick switches and sound connections – this is the differentiation of a good flashlight compared to cheaper alternatives.

While most LEDs are pretty reliable, the surrounding casing of your flashlight often lets cheaper alternatives down – plastic is lightweight, cheap and won’t last, especially in tough conditions and weather that flashlights are often needed the most in. With aircraft-grade aluminium, you’re guaranteed the most durable and long-lasting performance from your new flashlight.

Size matters

Take into account the size and weight of the flashlight and whether you’ll be porting it around or using it on a stand.

Let there be light

Look for an even, round light beam from your flashlight – again, cheaper alternatives tend to have uneven and therefore diluted beams. A quality beam and adjustable focal length are important to this.

A little about our flashlight range

Fuji EnviroMAX’s range of flashlights have built-in Cree LED technology.

So what?

In Cree’s own words, their mission is to “make energy-inefficient lighting obselete“. So we like it because we share common eco-friendly goals.

From a performance and quality perspective, the Cree brand is also synonymous with the highest-quality LED lighting. Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured.

You can view our full flashlight range here – as you’ll see we have 8 shapes and sizes to suit all requirements and demands.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you’re undecided, and we can help you choose.

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