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Fuji EnviroMAX UK is delighted to be sponsoring the White Collar Boxing event on Thursday 29th March 2018 at the world famous York Hall in Bethnal Green.

Our selected charity for the event is Global Oceans as this fits perfectly with our environmental ethos in general, and more specifically our support of reducing plastics waste in oceans.

The event

Boxstar Promotions are the pioneers of White Collar Boxing and hold some of the finest events in London.

Enjoy an evening of fantastic boxing bouts and support our boxers who have dedicated themselves to step into the squared circle and raise money for charity. The bouts consist of three two minute rounds, with one minute rest between.

We’re excited to be involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity that offers any prospective fighter the opportunity to boost their fitness and be at their best, not only for themselves but to raise money for a good cause.

You can find more information about the event on this link, or book your tickets here.

Our chosen charity

Global Ocean’s mission is to educate and raise awareness about the importance of healthy oceans for sustaining life and positively engage the public and encourage stewardship of our blue planet.

In the UK specifically, their primary focus is on the topic of plastic pollution in the marine environment, raising awareness and educating about the dangerous effects that it has on our ocean ecosystems, marine life and ultimately human health. The charity conduct educational workshops at events and schools across the UK to empower the public to take action for marine conservation, and collaborates with similar organisations on projects to deliver the message further.

There’s more about the charity via this link.

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