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It’s proven to be a hugely successful recipe in the United States, Canada and Australia, and is now becoming firmly established in the UK with over 25,000 independent stockists already on board.

It is no longer acceptable to consumers to be asked to pay a premium for eco-friendly products. With Fuji EnviroMAX batteries, consumers are provided with excellent performing, environmentally friendly batteries at great prices.

Here’s a few more reasons why Fuji EnviroMAX are the future of disposable batteries for you and your customers:

  • Available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V
  • Competitive pricing – a premium, longer-lasting and eco-friendly product for no additional cost
  • The only batteries that are designed to be 100% environmentally friendly
  • Consumers are going green – our focus group research suggests that 80% of UK consumers prefer to buy environmentally-friendly alternatives where possible
  • Made from 95% recycled cardboard and plastic, and the batteries are 100% recyclable
  • The batteries and packaging are landfill-safe and break down naturally
  • Strongest anti-leak protection in the industry
  • Up to 10-year shelf life

How to buy:

You can open a direct trade account with Fuji EnviroMAX UK for the very best prices and get 25% off your first trade order above £250 (With FREE CARRIAGE). Click here to open your account today.

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy your stock through a wholesaler, Supreme Imports and Powerquick also carry the top selling Fuji EnviroMAX lines.




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Fuji EnviroMAX partner with Zentesi

Fuji EnviroMAX are delighted to announce our latest retail partners – Zentesi supplies a fantastic range of office supplies and stationery from practical essentials to colourful and fun accessories.

Zentesi began in 2015 based in the West Midlands and have grown into a small team dedicated to their customers’ happiness and productivity.

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are available to purchase now directly from Zentesi’s website and on their Amazon and eBay stores.


We’re fighting (literally!) to reduce plastics in the ocean!

Fuji EnviroMAX UK is delighted to be sponsoring the White Collar Boxing event on Thursday 29th March 2018 at the world famous York Hall in Bethnal Green.

Our selected charity for the event is Global Oceans as this fits perfectly with our environmental ethos in general, and more specifically our support of reducing plastics waste in oceans.

The event

Boxstar Promotions are the pioneers of White Collar Boxing and hold some of the finest events in London.

Enjoy an evening of fantastic boxing bouts and support our boxers who have dedicated themselves to step into the squared circle and raise money for charity. The bouts consist of three two minute rounds, with one minute rest between.

We’re excited to be involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity that offers any prospective fighter the opportunity to boost their fitness and be at their best, not only for themselves but to raise money for a good cause.

You can find more information about the event on this link, or book your tickets here.

Our chosen charity

Global Ocean’s mission is to educate and raise awareness about the importance of healthy oceans for sustaining life and positively engage the public and encourage stewardship of our blue planet.

In the UK specifically, their primary focus is on the topic of plastic pollution in the marine environment, raising awareness and educating about the dangerous effects that it has on our ocean ecosystems, marine life and ultimately human health. The charity conduct educational workshops at events and schools across the UK to empower the public to take action for marine conservation, and collaborates with similar organisations on projects to deliver the message further.

There’s more about the charity via this link.


British Science Week – the science that makes our batteries greener

Fuji EnviroMAX are proud of our environmentally respectful batteries and their exceptional power and uncommon responsibility.

But this balance is not easy to achieve. As part of British Science Week 2018, we take a look into the science and engineering that goes into making our batteries so special and less plastic waste in our environment.

Our planet needs to “go green.” And to help that cause, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries bring a much-needed dimension of eco-responsibility to the disposable battery market – along with unsurpassed power and longevity!

While many organisations like to hide, Fuji EnviroMAX shares status, plans, and goals, related to our environmental efforts to safeguard our planet. We encourage feedback and use it to critique ourselves in order to continually improve.

Independent tests show that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries equal, and most often exceed the performance and longevity of equivalent major brands.

But that’s only part of the Fuji EnviroMAX story.

A whole new green kind of battery

The materials that make up a Fuji EnviroMAX battery are derived from the basic elements of the Earth. There is nothing inside a Fuji EnviroMAX battery that will harm the environment if it is disposed of through normal waste systems or recycling processes.

A few reasons why are that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries contain no harmful mercury, cadmium or lead – nor are they packaged with dangerous (and non-recyclable) PVC plastic.

Instead, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are made in some of the world’s most eco-respectful battery plants, operating under some of the most strict standards of environmental responsibility. In fact, most of all resources used in the Fuji EnviroMAX manufacturing process are themselves reused and recycled!

What’s more, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are labelled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic. The result is batteries that meet a world standard for environmental responsibility and recyclable materials. And no other batteries are so respectful of our environment as Fuji EnviroMAX.

Fuji eco friendly and high performance batteries are the green batteries consumers want. Our best-in-class alkaline batteries are the result of our passion to be the environmental leader. Fuji Batteries brings a long-awaited peace-of-mind to consumers who “live green” when choosing consumable products to meet their daily needs.

Our manufacturing…

Sets the standards of environmental responsibility in the industry. We are the industry leader in the promotion of sustainable development. ISO 14001 certified Earth Friendly Manufacturing, with ZERO ozone-depleting compounds being emitted from our facilities. We also pursue the reduction of business-related greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction, and voluntarily institute environmental initiatives beyond what is legally required.

We recognise that our environmental protection efforts as an organisation, together with its business activities, must not only ensure those activities comply with all national and local regulations, they also need to voluntarily do their utmost to prevent global warming, reduce waste materials control chemical substances and take other actions from a global point of view.

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are manufactured by an organisation that understands being environmentally responsible is simply not about the product, but the entire life cycle from “Cradle to Grave”.

Does green cost more?

Not in our case. We believe it is no longer acceptable to consumers to be asked to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products, and our manufacturing and pricing reflect this.

Thanks to the efficient processes that go into Fuji EnviroMAX batteries, consumers are provided with excellent performance standards, superb value for money, and still benefits to the environment.

Our environmentally-friendly highlights are:

  • Our batteries are designed to be fully environmentally friendly
  • Our batteries contain no harmful mercury, lead, PVC or cadmium
  • PET is used in the battery jacket and packaging – meaning no harmful plastics to linger in the environment
  • Batteries are landfill-safe and break down naturally
  • Durable sealing agent to prevent leakage
  • Our batteries and packaging use over 95% recycled paper & plastics

On the road again at the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome show 2018!

Fresh off the back of the Fuji EnviroMAX are delighted to be back at the NEC this time for the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome show 2018!

We’re excited to be joining Grove Products on stand 5255 at the event, and we’ll have the range of Fuji EnviroMAX batteries on display!

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries make a fine compliment to any caravan, campervan or motorhome essential supplies kit, as not only our our batteries up to 7-times longer lasting than like-for-like major competitors, but they are also designed with the environment in mind.

Interested in finding out more? 

You can visit the Grove Products website and browse their range including Fuji EnviroMAX via this link.


Eco-friendly products are getting the green light

Exhibiting as we did at the Spring Fair last week, it was refreshing to see just how much thought and innovation is going into the development of eco-friendly alternatives to replace traditional products made from plastics and other damaging materials.

With eco-friendly alternatives popping up for everything from bin liners to nappies and drinking straws, the penny seems to be dropping that just because “we have always done it that way”, does not make it right.

This got us thinking about how the eco-friendly market has changed over the years, and some of the perceptions that have surrounded it.

I can’t afford to buy eco-friendly – it costs more.

That’s increasingly a bit of a myth.

It’s also refreshing to see that some previous reasons for not buying eco-friendly are gradually dissipating. As recently as 2010 there were articles claiming that it cost up to 50% more to buy like-for-like products as green alternatives.

Back then according to The Telegraph, although there was a increase in awareness of environmental issues and the ways in which impacts could be lessened on a household level by buying eco-friendly alternatives, the green market in 2010 remained relatively small at around 2.3% of the UK’s total retail sales that year.

How about in 2018?

With the market having grown from around £8 billion in 2010 to an estimated £20 billion today, the trend is clear – especially when considering that the market grew from £1.5 billion in 2000 up to £8 billion in 2010.

Increasing consumer awareness from productions such as BBC Blue Planet 2 have helped to transition themes such as plastic waste from being background noise among the many other campaigns to front and centre when making consumer decisions.

Cost-wise to the consumer, things are changing too. Back in 2010 even, Green premiums remained highest on health and beauty (220%), household products (76%) and electricals (45%) when compared to the price of standard goods according to The Telegraph article.

Now, not only has the cost evened out (and for many products become cost-neutral), there are a range of other ways for households to cut down on their plastic waste.

The Metro for example is serialising ways to reduce plastic waste at home, starting with reducing food waste and associated packaging.

And price-focused stores such as Home Bargains and B&M carry increasing eco-friendly ranges of their own, including our stand neighbours at the Spring Fair – Eco Bag.

Things are changing for the better, and gone are the days when eco-friendly products were an expensive luxury.

How do Fuji EnviroMAX help?

Our products are designed with these exact themes in mind- maximum power for our customers, with minimal impact on the earth. Price-wise, you’ll find us equal or cheaper in price than like-for-like competitors, and everything from the batteries to the packaging is designed with the earth in mind:

  • Our batteries are designed to be fully environmentally friendly
  • Our batteries contain no harmful mercury, lead, PVC or cadmium
  • PET is used in the battery jacket and packaging – meaning no harmful plastics to linger in the environment
  • Batteries are landfill-safe and break down naturally
  • Durable sealing agent to prevent leakage
  • Our batteries and packaging use over 95% recycled paper & plastics

You can read more about our environmental credentials via this link.


IAW Trade Fair – €4,000 retail value of stock for €1,000 (+ FREE display stand & FREE shipping)!

Following a highly productive experience at the same event last autumn, the Fuji EnviroMAX team will be flying out to Cologne, Germany again in late February to be at the IAW Trade Fair.

We’ll be on stand B49 throughout the event to discuss your business, our products, and we’ll also have a show special stock offer exclusive to IAW attendees!



If you would like some pre-show information about why it’s good to work with us, here’s 7 great reasons to work with Fuji EnviroMAX.



Award nomination at IAW in October

In addition to manning our booth, demonstrating our products and doing some great business including a deal with German post office and convenience store chain Postbank, the team were also delighted to receive the praise of the event organisers during the presentation of the ‘Trendseller Product Award’. The organisers loved the fact that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries can be disposed of in household waste without causing harm to the environment, and they took our point on board that while recycling is strongly encouraged, even with the best intentions a high percentage of batteries still find their way into landfill.

We were especially pleased to receive this praise given the number of other products and exhibitors present at the event. Running for the 27th time in February 2018, the event is the top destination for product buyers across Germany and other parts of Europe, and with over 330 exhibitors showing off their innovative products from around the world in just under 30,000 m² of display space, Fuji EnviroMAX’s recognition at during the awards ceremony was very pleasing.

You can read more about the awards and the Fuji EnviroMAX discussion on this page.

Visit us during IAW in February 2018

If you are in the electronics or retail trade and would like to join the likes of PowerQuick, Postbank and Walmart in stocking Fuji EnviroMAX batteries, visit us on stand B49 at IAW to talk with the team to find out more, view sample products, and discuss commercial terms.


Flashlights are like sweets – how do you choose?

So you’ve decided you need a new flashlight but as with a lot of products there are thousands to choose from and lots of different price points, so actually choosing one can be trickier than it should be!

So because we’re nice we’ve put together a quick guide as to what you might want to look for and take into account when you’re making your choice of flashlight. Here’s a few things to bear in mind.

What do you need the flashlight for?

Flashlights are like sweets – they come in all shapes and sizes – and different levels of quality! So the first thing to consider are the main things you’ll be using it for. Is it for camping? To be carried in the car in case of emergencies? To keep at home in case of power cuts? How portable do you need it to be? Will you be holding it or carrying it, or will it be mostly standing alone?

What’s your budget?

As with most things, there are a range of options and price brackets of flashlights depending on your requirements.

How far do you need to be able to see?

Look for the brightness for your flashlight – it’s measured in lumens. In simple terms, the further you need to be able to see, the more lumens you need!

You’ll also want to bear in mind that most cheaper lights have multiple LEDs but are still not very bright and often do not give a crisp, focused beam. In short, just because a flashlight has more LEDs it does not make it brighter.

Is it well built?

Good flashlights have good soldering, slick switches and sound connections – this is the differentiation of a good flashlight compared to cheaper alternatives.

While most LEDs are pretty reliable, the surrounding casing of your flashlight often lets cheaper alternatives down – plastic is lightweight, cheap and won’t last, especially in tough conditions and weather that flashlights are often needed the most in. With aircraft-grade aluminium, you’re guaranteed the most durable and long-lasting performance from your new flashlight.

Size matters

Take into account the size and weight of the flashlight and whether you’ll be porting it around or using it on a stand.

Let there be light

Look for an even, round light beam from your flashlight – again, cheaper alternatives tend to have uneven and therefore diluted beams. A quality beam and adjustable focal length are important to this.

A little about our flashlight range

Fuji EnviroMAX’s range of flashlights have built-in Cree LED technology.

So what?

In Cree’s own words, their mission is to “make energy-inefficient lighting obselete“. So we like it because we share common eco-friendly goals.

From a performance and quality perspective, the Cree brand is also synonymous with the highest-quality LED lighting. Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured.

You can view our full flashlight range here – as you’ll see we have 8 shapes and sizes to suit all requirements and demands.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you’re undecided, and we can help you choose.


Plastics in the ocean – it really is a problem

As highlighted in the recent BBC Blue Planet 2 series, “plastic is having a devastating effect on the ocean and slowly poisoning our sea creatures” (1).

Sir David Attenborough has now gone as far as naming plastic alongside global warming as the single biggest threats to the oceans and the creatures that live in them and rely on them.

In episode four of the series, there cannot have been one viewer not routing for the hawksbill turtle that had become tangled in a plastic sack, and but for the intervention of one of the programme’s filming crew would surely have perished.

The series also highlighted how plastics are killing much larger sea creatures such as whales from the chemical contamination it leaves in the oceans. The clear impact for all to see of how the whales were all affected by the death of a newborn calf is surely a wake-up call to all as to just how unnecessary this death was.

The ocean ecosystem represents a huge challenge for many creatures anyway, and with the added threats of overfishing and now plastic pollution there is a very real fear that some species will soon find it impossible to survive.

We as humans cannot control everything. But we surely owe it to our world and to the sea creatures whose quality of life relies on the cleanliness of the oceans to do whatever we can to preserve them as best we can.

A very simple first step is to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastics we as consumers use.

As our name suggests, Fuji EnviroMAX products are manufactured with the environment at the forefront of our minds. We use only PET-friendly plastics (i.e. plastics that can be recycled) in our batteries and packaging, and over 95% of our packaging is itself recycled. On top of this, because our batteries last up to 7-times longer than other major brands, you’ll go through less batteries too.

By using Fuji EnviroMAX batteries and spreading the word you can do one small thing to addressing this human-created issue in the earth’s oceans.

Further reading


New Fuji EnviroMAX flashlights range now in stock

The Fuji EnviroMAX team are excited to launch a great value new range of 8 flashlights and work lamps!

Whether you’re an adventurer, camper, DIY enthusiast, trade professional or just need a good and reliable torch around the house in case of emergencies, these durable, all-weather lamps are built for all types of environment and job. The range also includes super bright LEDs for military, police, and industrial use.

They are also tough nuts to crack, with guaranteed 1m drop resistance and water resistance.

We have various beam options, grips and settings options available, so all requirements are catered for.

All the flashlights work in conjunction with Fuji EnviroMAX Super Alkaline batteries to create an all-round eco-friendly flashlight.

You can check out the range on our store via this link. As with all our products, we offer FREE DELIVERY to the UK mainland.