IAW Trade Fair – €4,000 retail value of stock for €1,000 (+ FREE display stand & FREE shipping)!

Following a highly productive experience at the same event last autumn, the Fuji EnviroMAX team will be flying out to Cologne, Germany again in late February to be at the IAW Trade Fair.

We’ll be on stand B49 throughout the event to discuss your business, our products, and we’ll also have a show special stock offer exclusive to IAW attendees!



If you would like some pre-show information about why it’s good to work with us, here’s 7 great reasons to work with Fuji EnviroMAX.



Award nomination at IAW in October

In addition to manning our booth, demonstrating our products and doing some great business including a deal with German post office and convenience store chain Postbank, the team were also delighted to receive the praise of the event organisers during the presentation of the ‘Trendseller Product Award’. The organisers loved the fact that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries can be disposed of in household waste without causing harm to the environment, and they took our point on board that while recycling is strongly encouraged, even with the best intentions a high percentage of batteries still find their way into landfill.

We were especially pleased to receive this praise given the number of other products and exhibitors present at the event. Running for the 27th time in February 2018, the event is the top destination for product buyers across Germany and other parts of Europe, and with over 330 exhibitors showing off their innovative products from around the world in just under 30,000 m² of display space, Fuji EnviroMAX’s recognition at during the awards ceremony was very pleasing.

You can read more about the awards and the Fuji EnviroMAX discussion on this page.

Visit us during IAW in February 2018

If you are in the electronics or retail trade and would like to join the likes of PowerQuick, Postbank and Walmart in stocking Fuji EnviroMAX batteries, visit us on stand B49 at IAW to talk with the team to find out more, view sample products, and discuss commercial terms.


Free batteries for life winner announced!

We’ve picked our random lucky winner to be provided each year with enough batteries to power their household for life! Diane Bass from Essex and her family will be set for batteries for life.

Diane will also be helping the environment, because unlike other battery manufacturers Fuji EnviroMAX batteries contain no harmful lead, cadmium, mercury or PVC, and our packaging is fully recyclable.

Congratulations to Diane, and watch this space for more fantastic competitions from the Fuji EnviroMAX UK team.


Rechargeable batteries: Are they worth it?

Rechargeable batteries

There are a lot of claims that rechargeable batteries are better than alkaline batteries, but are they really worth the extra cash?

Even the best batteries eventually run out. Powering our TV remotes, razors, toys, torches and other devices around the home, the average person throws away around 8 batteries a year.

But by switching to rechargeable batteries, you save yourself money and become a renewable energy user. In other words, you’re a friend of the earth!

Is it worth it?

There’s lots of discussion about whether recyclable batteries are worth it. The forum on MoneySavingExpert.com is one of many places it’s been discussed at great length.

While it undoubtedly looks cheaper to buy a standard pack of alkaline AA, AAA, C, D or 9v batteries, moving to rechargeables can actually cut down your spend on batteries over the course of time.

Despite the initial price tag for a typical charger and batteries, rechargeables can last much longer and result in savings of up to £60 per year.

Eco friendly

As we have discussed before, batteries that are taken to landfills can release harmful substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium into the soil and water. With such small numbers of batteries still not making it into recycling, this is a big issue.

The good news is that rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again, and can be recycled. In short the simple equation is that rechargeables mean less batteries making their way into landfill sites, and as a result, into our environment.

What are my options


The RecyclingGuide.org.uk is a good place to start when evaluating whether rechargeable batteries are for you.

Fuji EnviroMAX’s range of rechargeable batteries are available to view in our store, and our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about which batteries are the right choice for your requirements.


Waste batteries are causing harm to our environment. Is enough being done?


Well over a year since this article in The Guardian, there appears to be little discernible progress in reducing the toxic effects of batteries ending up on UK landfill sites.

What makes this even more difficult to comprehend is that the talks for this initially started on an EU level over a decade ago. Even if the recycling target is ever hit, that would still mean that well less than half of domestic batteries are safely collected and recycled.

In short, it seems that not only is the target for recycling batteries unlikely to be achieved, but even if it is its effect will be limited. That means it’s even more important than ever to acknowledge that batteries need to go green. Yes it’s still vitally important to recycle, but for the 55% or more of batteries that never make it to recycling it’s crucial that they are not leaking harmful and potentially deadly pollutants into our earth.

As The Guardian and the EU rightly suggests, “chemicals from batteries which are incinerated or go to landfill may pollute lakes and streams, vaporise into the air, or leach into groundwater, exposing the environment to highly corrosive acids and bases”.

That directive means that manufactures must cut their use of the most toxic battery ingredients such as mercury and cadmium – Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are already completely free of those harmful ingredients.

But unfortunately not all batteries are this green. At the time of writing, at least half of the 28 EU member states “are expected to miss the target”. While some countries have exceeded the goal, many are either falling in the middle or failing it entirely.

The UK is one of those, so our message is simple. We need to recycle batteries, and it’s good to do so. But we’re not recycling enough, and well over half our household batteries are still ending up on landfill sites and potentially leaking mercury and cadmium into the earth.

You can read more about the environmental benefits of Fuji EnviroMAX batteries here.





Fuji EnviroMAX shortlisted for BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2017!

Fuji EnviroMAX UK are very proud to have been shortlisted for the ‘Breakthrough of the Year‘ category in the prestigious BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2017!

In the words of the organisers, “this has been a fantastic year for entries. The competition has been high and it’s a real achievement to be on the shortlist”.

The shortlist has been drawn up on a how the products meet each of the following selection criteria:

  • Innovation: The technology must offer a unique and innovative solution to an environmental challenge.
  • Scalability: The technology must have the potential to reach a significant market.
  • Demonstrable success: The technology must be able to demonstrate quantifiable benefits.

The selection is now going through to a second panel of judges who will then decide the winning companies before the awards ceremony.

The awards lunch and ceremony, hosted by Robert Llewellyn, will take place on Friday 1 December at the Institution of Engineering and Technology on Savoy Place in Central London.

We’ll keep you posted!


Fuji EnviroMAX Batteries UK partner with PowerQuick

Fuji EnviroMAX have agreed a partnership with PowerQuick to distribute their eco-friendly disposable batteries in the UK.

Established in 2005, PowerQuick is a major distributor of batteries, supplying over 2,000 retailers throughout the country. From national retailers to the smallest local store or trader, PowerQuick provide great support, advice and margin opportunities. Give them a try and see what they can do for your business!

Fuji EnviroMAX’s batteries are the only 100% eco-friendly batteries in the world, and contain no damaging mercury, lead, cadmium, or PVC. On top of this they have one of the longest shelf lives in the industry, last up to 10-times longer than other major brands, and are priced competitively with the competition.

Under the agreement, PowerQuick will carry stock of the FujiEnviroMAX range, as well as being on hand to assist with questions, marketing and promotions.

To find out more please visit www.powerquick.co.uk or www.fujienviromax.co.uk.


Fuji EnviroMAX announce deal with Postbank

Fuji EnviroMAX are delighted to announce a new partnership with Postbank in Cologne, Germany.

Deutsche Postbank AG is a German retail bank with headquarters in Bonn..

The deal will see Fuji EnviroMAX’s eco-friendly batteries available for purchase in branches of the popular German Post Offcie. Postbank stores “stand for simple, low-priced and fair products. It is characterised by its reliability and outstanding reachability across all channels”.

Fuji EnviroMAX are delighted that our eco-friendly range of batteries will be on offer to Postbank’s customers, and fit perfectly into the company’s ethos. We are very much looking forward to a long and productive relationship.

For further trade enquiries please contact sales@fujienviromax.co.uk or call our London office on +44 (0) 207 477 2180.

Read more about Postbank here: https://www.postbank.com/postbank/en/au_about_us.html


Roadtrip time!

It’s officially autumn, and the Fuji EnviroMAX UK team are on the road from our London HQ to Birmingham today ready to exhibit at The Autumn Fair 2017.

As our first experience of the event, we’re really excited to be part of it and looking forward to many productive meetings with buyers and business people looking for new and exciting products.

We’re interested to know how you approach the event and what it is you’re looking to accomplish over the five days. From the cool ranges of products and innovation it’s clear that there’s so much to see and choose from it’s a great place to spot that next big seller. But at the same time how do you prioritise the products and exhibitors you want to meet with the most?

With yourself and 26,000 other visitors coming through the doors of the event and 1,400 exhibitors, to have an effective and productive event you surely have to shortlist and plan in a reasonable level of detail where you’re going and who you’re going to speak to.

Food for thought, and we can’t wait to see how it all goes.

If we are one of the lucky exhibitors you’re planning to come and visit then you’ll find our friendly team on stand 1L01 in hall 1. We’ll be able to talk you through the environmental and commercial benefits of our batteries, chat about the show in general, or even just muse about anything from the cricket to the weather if you’ve got a few minutes to spare! Either way it would be great to meet as many of you as possible, and we wish you all a fun and productive few days!


What do you look for in your household batteries?

With household budgets at a premium, price is obviously a factor. But depending on your priorities, the performance and lifespan of the battery can also be important, as can environmental concerns. It will vary of course, with a TV remote, torch and other low drain items as opposed to more highly demanding gadgets dictating your selection.

Fuji EnviroMAX are the battery choice that best balances all three. From an environmental perspective we spoke to our international partners, My Green Australia, who ran an independent test on Fuji EnviroMAX’s batteries.

Their findings were very positive. My Green Australia chose to test the batteries on a camera, and across at least 80 pictures with the flash turned on the batteries performed perfectly. They were also very impressed with the fact that the batteries only contain iron, nickel, zinc, electrolyte, manganese dioxide, bronze and paper – all non-toxic substances and elements which can be safely recycled or don’t cause harm if they end up in landfill. As My Green Australia say – disposable products should be just that – disposable!

As we mentioned though, we appreciate that there are practical considerations as well as doing your bit for the environment. As you’ll see in our short video, independent tests have shown that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries last up to 10-times longer than competitors. And our prices are competitive if not cheaper than those very same manufacturers.

You can read more at http://www.mygreenaustralia.com/





Are you going to the Autumn Fair at the NEC? We’ll be on stand 1L01 if you fancy meeting?

We’re excited to be exhibiting at the Autumn Fair at the NEC in a couple of weeks time.

If you’re a retailer, wholesaler or distributor looking to enrich your product range or increase your margins on batteries or support the green battery revolution that we are campaigning for, stop by the Fuji EnviroMAX UK stand.

The UK team will be on hand to discuss the product range, how we compare to the likes of Duracell and Energiser, our plans for the UK market, and what benefits Fuji EnviroMAX can bring to your business.

We’ll also have stock and point of sale materials available to purchase with special rates exclusively for the event, so don’t miss out!

We’re also offering £150 worth of stock on 30 day terms and a free point of sale rack for anyone who pre-registers with us (and then attends!) a meeting with us during the event – to do so just reply to this email and we’ll confirm a convenient time with you.

In the meantime, if you would like to discuss pricing and commercial terms please contact us on 0207 477 2180.

We look forward to meeting you in Birmingham in September.