Fuji EnviroMAX UK is helping British households ‘go green’ without having to power down.

We provide a uniquely waste-and emissions-minimising alternative to highly polluting batteries. Our products are free of common hazardous battery materials and have proven performance and longevity matching and exceeding major competitors!.

New Environmentally-Respectful Batteries.

The proof is all about us. Our planet is “going green.” And to help that cause, Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries bring a long-overdue dimension of eco-responsibility to the replacement battery market – along with unsurpassed power and longevity! . (View More…)

  • Safe and Reliable
  • No Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and PVC
  • Provide Super Power For All Devices
  • Our planet is “going green”
  • Longevity of Equivalent Major Brands
  • No other Batteries are so Respectful

Fuji EnviroMAX & The Environment

Eco Friendly
Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are eco-respectful from the way they are made right through to the packaging used.
Recycle your Battries
FUJI ENVIROMAX BATTERIES, the most eco-friendly battery! It does not contain any toxic materials.
Fuji Enviromax
Our planet is “going green.” And Fuji EnviroMAX™ is helping that cause.